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Case Results

  • Criminal (Miami-Dade)Carrying a Concealed Firearm and Resisting an Officer without Violence

    Our client was accused of possessing a firearm and running away from a police officer who tried to detain him. While being chased by a police officer, our client was alleged to have dropped the gun on the ground. The State offered our client a plea deal that would get him out of jail and on probation, but our client refused the plea deal because he trusted Attorney McLymont’s representation. Our client waited months in jail for his trial date. We were able to go to take our client to trial and prove to the jury that the officer lied on our client.

  • Criminal (Orlando)Violation of Community Control

    Our client was arrested in Tampa, FL on a warrant out of Orlando, FL. Due to COVID-19 placing a halt on nearly all inmate transportation in Florida, our client could not be transported to Orlando for a violation hearing that was set 3 months out from his arrest date and the judge could NOT give him a bond, by law, because our client was labeled as a Violent Felon of Special Concern (VFOSC). Without proper representation he would’ve been sitting in a Tampa jail indefinitely due to the aforementioned circumstances. However, after negotiating with the State Attorney’s Office we were able to secure our clients release from jail less than 2 weeks after being retained without adding any additional conditions or length to his Community Control.

  • Criminal (Miami-Dade)Felony Criminal Mischief

    Our client was charged with Felony level Criminal Mischief after he was alleged to have caused over $1,000 worth of damage to a neighbors vehicle. We were able to communicate with the alleged victims in the case to facilitate a resolution and then negotiate a dismissal with the prosecutor.

  • Criminal (Miami-Dade)1st Degree Attempted Murder

    Our client was arrested for shooting his licensed firearm at an aggressor. The police did not make the correct arresting decision and our client had to suffer the consequences until he hired our firm. Within just 19 days, we were able to present a compelling defense to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office and persuade them to dismiss the case without ever filing formal charges.

  • Criminal (Miami-Dade)Armed Robbery & Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon

    Our client had been sitting in the county jail for four years awaiting trial on Armed Robbery and Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon Charges when he came to our firm for assistance. He was facing a mandatory minimum life sentence if convicted. The alleged victim picked our client out of a photo lineup and swore that our client was the correct suspect. Our client maintained his innocence and he trusted us so we pushed forward with trial. After four days of trial, our client was acquitted of all charges and was able to walk right out of the courtroom doors!

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