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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney / Miami Federal Cybercrimes Attorney

Miami Federal Cybercrimes Attorney

With computers commonplace among homes and businesses, many people are becoming victims of cybercrime. Cybercrime is defined as any crime carried out using a computer or the internet. This can include hacking, identity theft, and online fraud.

Cybercrime may not seem as severe of a crime as murder, but both are classified as felonies and can result in serious, life-changing penalties. Cybercrime is a growing problem worldwide and it is considered a federal crime, which means law enforcement officials take it very seriously. They are always looking for ways to crack down on this crime, since it affects many victims, young and old.

The consequences for federal cybercrimes are severe. Seek legal help right away from Asilia Law Firm. Count on our Miami federal cybercrimes attorney to give you the advice you need.

Examples of Federal Cybercrimes 

Federal cybercrimes include a wide range of illegal activities using computers. They include the following:

  • Unauthorized access to computer systems. This includes hacking into government computer systems, financial institutions, or private networks without permission.
  • Identity theft and fraud. Federal laws prohibit the use of computers or the internet to steal personal information, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or bank account details, for fraudulent purposes.
  • Phishing and spoofing. Phishing involves using electronic communication to acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, by acting as a trustworthy company. Spoofing involves falsifying information to deceive individuals or systems, such as forging email headers or IP addresses.
  • Cyberterrorism involves using computer-based attacks to cause widespread harm or disruption to critical infrastructure, government systems, or civilians.
  • Child pornography. Federal laws prohibit the production, distribution, and possession of child pornography, as well as the online solicitation of minors for sexual purposes. 

Possible Defenses

Some defenses you may be able to use if you are accused of cybercrimes include:

  • Lack of intent. For most crimes, there needs to be proof of intent. This means that there must be evidence showing that you acted willfully, with intent and knowledge. If the action was accidental, you likely cannot be charged with a crime.
  • Presence of consent. Most cybercrimes hinge on a lack of consent. However, if you can show you had the owner’s consent or at least believed you had it, you might be able to use it as a defense.
  • Mistaken identity. Many people are falsely accused of an internet crime because someone else used their computer or stole their identity.

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Cybercrimes are serious crimes. They are complex and often involve multiple jurisdictions, making them difficult to navigate.

There is no one-size-fits-all punishment for cybercrime, so there is some leeway when it comes to your penalties. Get help defending yourself with the right legal help. A Miami federal cybercrimes attorney from Asilia Law Firm will help you understand the charges against you and work with you to develop a strong defense. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Fill out the online form or call (786) 420-3014.

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