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Miami Medicare Fraud Attorney

Medicare is a federal health insurance program in the United States that primarily serves people age 65 and older. Because it is a government program, it is subject to fraud. In fact, it is estimated that Medicare loses $60 billion each year due to fraud, errors, and abuse. Florida is one of the top states for Medicare fraud.

Medicare fraud refers to any deceitful or dishonest activity committed with the intent to obtain unauthorized benefits, payments, or services from the program. The fraud is often perpetrated by providers and healthcare organizations.

Defrauding Medicare and other government programs may seem like an easy way to make money, and that’s why many people do it. However, just like any other type of fraud, it is illegal. Committing Medicare fraud exposes individuals and entities to various penalties. Providers and health care organizations involved in healthcare fraud may be excluded from participating in all federal healthcare programs and risk losing their professional licenses.

Medicare fraud is considered a serious offense. If You have been accused of this crime, contact Asilia Law Firm today. You need to know your rights under the law and act to protect them immediately. Don’t wait to get help. Schedule a consultation with a Miami Medicare fraud attorney.

Types of Medicare Fraud

Fraud can happen in many ways. Most cases of Medicare fraud involve false claims, kickbacks, and prohibited referrals for services. Kickbacks refer to the receipt of payment in exchange for patient referrals or for prescribing certain medications or services.

Here are some other common types of fraud:

  • Billing for services or procedures that were not provided
  • Billing for a more expensive service than what was actually provided – this is known as upcoding
  • Billing for tests or procedures that were never performed, also known as phantom billing
  • Using a patient’s Medicare information without their consent to submit fraudulent claims, which is consider Identity theft
  • Billing Medicare multiple times for the same service, or double billing
  • Charging excessively for services or supplies
  • Using multiple procedure codes for the individual parts of the procedure in an effort to increase payment, also known as unbundling

Medicare Fraud Strike Force

The Medicare Fraud Strike Force is a multi-agency team of United States federal, state, and local investigators who combat Medicare fraud. This team, which was established in 2007, uses data analysis and increased community policing to find and arrest those who are engaging in fraud.

Medicare Fraud Strike Force teams currently operate in various areas across the county, including Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida.

Contact Asilia Law Firm Today

Medicare fraud is a serious crime. You expose yourself to potential criminal, civil, and administrative liability, and may face imprisonment, fines, and penalties.

A Miami Medicare fraud attorney from Asilia Law Firm can help you fight any fraud charges you may face. We have helped many clients get their charges reduced and even dropped. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (786) 420-3014 or filling out the online form.

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