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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney / Miami Drug Defense Attorney

Miami Drug Defense Attorney

Most drug offenses in the State of Florida are now felonies. It is still a misdemeanor to possess a small amount of marijuana. However, even possession of the smallest amount of cocaine is a felony crime. Penalties for drug offenses increase based on the activity involved as well as the quantity of drug involved. In other words, it is more serious if you are charged with possessing cocaine with the intent to sell the cocaine than if you are merely charged with possessing the cocaine for personal use.

In addition, if the cocaine involved reaches higher levels of quantity the offense automatically shifts from a drug offense to a drug trafficking offense. Drug trafficking is quite serious even though an individual may not be high up in a drug trafficking organization. The activity of possessing large quantities of drugs will subject that individual to the same penalties, including minimum mandatory fines and minimum mandatory prison sentences, as an individual who is connected to organized crime. Contact our Miami drug defense attorneys for skilled representation today, we can help.

Drug Crimes Treated As Serious Criminal Offenses

Drug possession, drug usage and drug trafficking are major societal problems in Florida and in our nation, and the courts treat these offenses with great seriousness. In addition to facing the criminal penalties of fines, prison sentences and probation, individuals involved in the drug trade may also be facing civil penalties that may result in the forfeiture of vehicles, money and property that the government believes is linked to the drug trade.

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It is important to contact a Miami drug defense lawyer to ensure that the rest of your life is not ruined by this unfortunate decision. To learn more about your legal rights and options, please contact Asilia Law Firm today.

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