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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney / Miami Fraud Attorney

Miami Fraud Attorney

Fraud is a common crime that involves some sort of theft. It consists of a concealment, omission, or deception made by someone in order to defraud someone. Fraud must have an element of intent for the victim to suffer economic damages.

Fraud is often perpetuated through scams and unauthorized use of credit cards and bank accounts. These may not be violent crimes, but they can be charged as federal offenses, which carry harsh penalties. That’s because many consumers have been victims of fraud, and Florida has been taking steps to cut down on fraud crimes.

Being charged with fraud can greatly impact your life, especially if you are charged with a felony. Many people are also falsely accused of fraud. Whatever your situation, it is crucial that you contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. See how a Miami fraud attorney from Asilia Law Firm can help you get your charges reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Types of Fraud

Fraud can happen in many ways. Here are some common types:

  • Identity theft. This occurs when someone steals another person’s personal information (such as Social Security number, credit card details, or bank account information) to commit fraud.
  • This involves creating or altering documents with the intent to deceive. This can include forging signatures on checks or contracts.
  • Credit card fraud. This involves unauthorized use of someone else’s credit card information to make purchases or withdraw funds.
  • Bank fraud. This encompasses a wide range of illegal activities involving the use of bank accounts, such as check kiting, forged checks, or unauthorized withdrawals.
  • Insurance fraud. This occurs when a person deceives an insurance company to falsely obtain money or benefits. This can include falsifying claims or staging accidents.
  • Investment fraud. This involves deception done in connection with investments. Common forms include Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes.
  • Tax fraud. This involves intentionally falsifying information on tax returns to evade taxes owed or to claim refunds to which one is not entitled.
  • Mortgage fraud. This occurs when a person provides false information on mortgage applications to obtain a loan or to secure better terms than they would otherwise qualify for.
  • Healthcare fraud. This occurs when someone (typically a medical professional) defrauds healthcare systems by billing for services that were not provided or providing unnecessary services.
  • Internet fraud. With the increasing use of technology, cyber fraud has become a significant concern. This includes various scams conducted over the internet, such as phishing, hacking, and online retail fraud. 

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Deceiving others in order to make money may seem like an easy crime to commit, but it’s illegal and can result in serious penalties. Fines can top $1 million. You could spend decades in prison.

Asilia Law Firm can help you handle any fraud charges you may be facing. Contact a Miami fraud attorney today for a solid defense. Call (786) 420-3014 or fill out the online form.

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