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Representing Client who was Mocked and Attacked by Sheriff Grady Judd


POLK COUNTY, Fla – Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd’s use of press conferences to ridicule and  mock those charged with crimes continues to disrupt individuals’ Due Process Rights. On May 20, 2022, Sheriff Judd, held a press conference in which he made a mockery of the incident that took  place at a local McDonalds. “She’s a pretty lady, but she was McMad” said Judd during his press  conference where he relayed his version of the events that occurred at McDonalds. Sheriff Judd  also insinuated that Ms. Jones was on drugs. Sheriff Judd’s characterization of Ms. Jones had no  investigative purpose. His distortion of what happened stands to taint any potential jury pool and

jeopardize Ms. Jones’s right to a fair trial. To mount a defense, Jones has retained criminal defense  attorney, Jeremy McLymont, founding attorney of AsiliA Law Firm, P.A.

Sheriff Judd decided to wage a war on our client by creating a viral moment with complete  disregard for what actually happened at the McDonalds. AsiliA Law Firm, P.A. is calling for its  own press conference to address Sheriff Judd’s irresponsible and dangerous comments. Additionally, the firm seeks to reverse the damage that Sheriff Judd has caused to Ms. Jones’s  case. Ms. Jones was charged with a first-degree felony, punishable by life in prison. “If Ms. Jones’s  acts were as serious as the charges reflect, Sheriff Judd’s remarks show a level of insensitivity to  the alleged victims concerns” said Attorney McLymont.

Ms. Jones was five months pregnant and grew impatient with the McDonald’s staff who, contrary  to reports, was refusing to give Ms. Jones her food or a monetary refund. Ms. Jones has an ongoing mental health diagnosis for which she has been prescribed medication. However, she stopped  taking her medication due to her pregnancy. Her behavior was mischaracterized and  misunderstood. The story was shared across the world before a thorough investigation was  completed and AsiliA Law Firm intends on defending Ms. Jones until her felony charge is  dismissed. article article article



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